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Septic Tank Registration, Inspections & Grants.

In order to protect ground & surface water quality a Septic Tank Inspection and Registration Regime was introduced in Ireland in 2012 under Water Services Amendment Act 2012 .

Registration :

In general the deadline for registration was the 1st Feb 2013 but if you have not done so you can still register your septic tank with your local authority. There is an initial registration fee (€50) but you will not have to pay for subsequent registrations, which are required every 5 years.

  • New Systems must be registered within 90 days after being connected.
  • Replacement Tanks on previously Registered systems do not have to be registered separately.
  • Existing systems Registered after 1st Feb 2013 are not eligible for a grant.

Register Online here



Your Local Authority will send out an EPA appointed inspector. The inspector will establish :

If that is not the case you will be get and Advisory Notice from the Local Authority to update your system.


Grants for Updating your Septic Tank

You are eligible for this Means-Tested Grant if you have have registered your Septic Tank before 1st Feb 2013 and have received and Advisory Notice (as explained above) , routine maintenance does not apply.

You Can Download the Application Form Here



The once-off registration fee is €50.

There is no inspection charge.

The costs of any remediation will depend on the extent and nature of the work required.

The income thresholds and grant rates for assistance with remedial works are shown in the following table:

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More info from EPA website