Compost Producers Wexford

Certified Sludge Disposal

Located in in Co.Wexford M&T’s state of the art composting facility now allows us to dispose of all sludge (sewerage) in accordance with legislation.

The facility is designed to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle waste water from septic tanks, blocked drains and grease traps. When the waste(sludge) arrives it gets sent to be dewatered, then the water from the dewatering process gets reused by the company’s fleet of drain cleaning vehicles, reducing the need for the use of potable water, helping to conserve this resource. The waste from the dewatering process will then be treated, pasteurized and stabilized before being beneficially recycled into a high quality fertilizer. This final material is analyzed and certified before leaving the facility to be used as a nutritional soil amendment or surfaced mulch.

What are the benefits? How it Improves Soil Health

We are skilled in sludge dewatering, lime stabilisation and sludge transportation. Our primary dewatering plant achieves a 25% to 35% solids sludge and if further reduction is required our secondary dewatering plant achieves a 14% to 22% solids sludge. Our mobile dewatering units can be hired for both short and long term periods or you can avail of our own staff to deal with emergency once off situations.

M&T Plant

Conforming to only the highest standards we:

  • Are regulated within the National Compost Quality Assurance Scheme.
  • Operate under ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certification.
  • Are members of Cre – Composting Association of Ireland.
  • Are members of iema – Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment.
  • Are fully compliant with all licensing and permit regulations and have all the necessary environmental Insurance.